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Aesir   by David Buckley Loki December 2002
Freya December 2002
Thor January 2003
Baldur September 2014
Ullr September 2019

The Aesir are a series of Biped Robots each using four servos, two servos per leg.
They explore the abilities of the different geometries obtainable using just two servos per leg and hence just two degrees of freedom per leg.

These robots are much squatter than those previously built such as BigFoot and Ambler but, because of the extra two servos, have far greater agility.

The goals of the Aesir project were for them to be able to play with a ball and collect bricks. However that required more sensors and software than there was room for.

(The Aesir are a group of Norse gods.)


Commands Overview

Equipment for each

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