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Duplhex - by David Buckley 2012 - August 2023

Duplhex is a hexapod driven by two DC motors, controlled by a PicAxe40x2 microcontroller and powered by four AA cells.
Duplhex can walk Forwads, Backwards and turn Right and Left.
There will be a Black Box underneath holding 4AA cells.
Sensing can be done by the Ultrasonic ranger module.
Duplhex can play sounds and Ring-tunes from its onboard speaker.
Duplhex can store sixteen user inputted 16 character command strings in its memory.
There is a socket for extra memory so hundreds of commands could be stored.
Duplhex can be instructed by commands from a Sony IR remote-control.
The full set of instructions can be sent serially as text over cable or a plugin radio module.
Duplhex has an on-board command-help file.
The chassis was made and the circuit board started in 2012 but wiring was not finished until 9 August 2023. The software was ported from Loki and modified to drive the two DC motors instead of four servos.

Duplhex Software