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Junior by David Buckley July 2002
Junior is a three servo biped walking robot.
In Spring of 2002 Parallax launched Toddler, which they based on my BigFoot biped robot, and Ken Gracey (of Parallax) sent me two Toddlers which I received on the 7 June. It was exciting putting them together and one thing became clear, Toddler walked much better than BigFoot!
I just had to put pencil to paper and started designing an improved BigFoot, taller with three servos and so after Toddler it had to be Junior. I decided to use three servos so the legs could step and turn rather than using skid steering.
The feet had big soles (training feet) which could be removed when the gait was working.
However once Juniour was complete and fitted with a Toddler control board it was apparent it didn't walk very well. The tilt wires were not stiff enough, the turn links were too short and didn't allow the legs to turn except when the feet were together and the tilt servo needed different setting during the stride if the in-air foot was to keep parallel to the ground.
Further work on Junior was abandoned.

Height 9.5 inch (24 cm); 3 GWS SO3 standard size servos, Tilt, Stride, FootSplay.

BigFoot and Junior

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