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Mom - a.k.a - Efi-Ambler by David Buckley August 2002

as at November 2008
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  • After making Pop I designed Mom Ambler, the leg 'bones' are closer together, the body is a little different and the AA cells are at the top of the body rather than on the feet.
    The walking action is different because of the increased mass high up and the reduced mass of the feet but Mom taking quicker and shorter steps is just as good a walker as Pop. It wasn't intended but Pop strides in a masculin way and Mom walks best in a more feminine way.

    On power on the Initialisation Act in the BS2 runs.
    Then the default Act is got from the PicAxe08 which reads it from the Hex switch.
    The current Default Act can be changed anytime by a running Act.

    If enabled the Toe Sensors are checked during every step, toe bump will stop the step and invoke the bump reactions.
    A decaying count of toe hurts is maintained and if it passes a threshold then frustration reactions will be done.

    The BS2
    - the toe bump switches
    - user pot.
    - ultrasonic sensor
    - serial HexSwitch value from the PicAxe-08
    - beeper/voice LED
    - pace servo
    - roll servo
    The PicAxe-08
    - reads the Hex Switch
    - sends the valut to the BS2 after power on

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