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Prowler by David Buckley June 1983
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  • see a larger heading photo (50k)
  • Prowler - HM
    The first design published in Britain for an expandable micro robot vehicle,
    controlled over an umbilical from a host computer.
    Published in Sinclair Projects Aug. and Dec. 1983.
    Built Summer 1983.
    Size - 9" * 4 1/2" * 3".
    Operational area - 3ft * 3ft plus host computer.

    The B/W photos were taken in the mid 80s.
    The heading photo was taken in 1999 and the Gallery photos in 2021.
    Prowler's electronics run from 5v supplied over the control umbilical, the interface is in the Gallery.
    Some time in the 90s I added the 4AA cell holder with a switch at the rear for '5v' power with the intemtion of adding a onboard controller.
    However with the extra weight of the four AA cells the tracks tend to come off in turns.
    24 July 2023 I created an Arduino control interface - see Upgrade.

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