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Robot draws visitors in to Knutsford landmark

1:00pm Saturday 28th July 2012

By David Morgan

THEY say art is all about human creativity. But that didn’t stop robots having a stab at it.
Machines were pitted against man for a unique event which highlighted the work of Cheshire Open Studios at Old Town Hall in Knutsford at the weekend.
Robots and artists were put to the challenge of drawing in a continuous line for ‘The Big Draw’.
David Buckley with ‘Condor’
Ann Roach and Brigid Mullally

Visitors watched the spectacle as robot creator David Buckley rigged up a selection of his machines to hold and drag pens.
Some of the robots are remote controlled while others move in response to light or are programmed to avoid obstacles.
Brigid Mullally, project coordinator and artist, said: “The event went extremely well and was well received by the public. “One man came in, thought it was brilliant, and then brought his grandchildren back to show them the robots.
“People were quite amazed to see them drawing.
“David had never done anything like this before so it was a discovery for him as well.”
The robots included walking biped models BigFoot and Junior, the miniature Bambino and the 4ft speaking robot ‘Shakespeare’ which is based on the Cycler model, originally built for environment charity Waste Watch.
The robots may have stolen the show but it seems Cheshire’s artists do not have anything to worry about. Brigid added: “The artists managed to cover 45 A1 sheets of paper with drawings of passers by and the scenery of Knutsford.”
Other visitors were pleased to see the former Allen & Appleyard building being brought back to use.
Brigid said: “Many were enquiring whether we had taken the building over. We had some great feedback and met a couple of artists who didn’t know about Cheshire Open Studios.”
Cheshire Open Studios is a collective of about 350 artists in the county. For more information, visit cheshireopenstudios.org.uk
Brigid reserved special thanks for Tatton Management for allowing the group to use the space.

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