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TecArm5 prototype by David Buckley 1999

Designed to be produced as a kit by Milford Instruments the TecArm5 has five servos and an onboard Scott Edwards Servo Controller which receives commands over an RS232 link from any computer.
Milford produced a GUI for the arm but it doesn't run on modern computers.

When designing the arm I envisaged a small video camera mounted on the top plate of the Gripper, just in front of the servo.

In 2020 I added an Arduino Nano to receive high level commands and to store sequences of commands.
The commands can be received over USB but because when the arm moves the cable could be pulled and damage the socket I added a standard RS232 D9.

Unfortunately over the years some of the wood has developed a slight warp.


  Upper Arm    - Shoulder to elbow   =  90 mm
  Fore Arm     - elbow to wrist      = 125 mm
  Hand         - Wrist to fingertips = 100 mm
  Gripper      - opening             =  85 mm

  At 125mm extension          - lift = ~450 g
  At maximum extension ~315mm - lift = ~200 g


  Waist     JP SuperTec  S04         10Kg.cm @4.8v, 13Kg.cm @6v
  Shoulder  JP SuperTec  S666/STD    18Kg.cm @4.8v, 22Kg.cm @6v
  Elbow     JP SuperTec  S04         10Kg.cm @4.8v, 13Kg.cm @6v
  Wrist     JP SuperTec  S06/2BB     7.2Kg.cm @4.8v, 8Kg.cm @6v
  Gripper   JP SuperTec  S03         3.4Kg.cm @4.8v, 4Kg,cm @6v

TecArm5 circuit

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