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WiLF - HM - built by David Buckley October 1991
Based on a design in Everyday Electronics, June 1975.
Probably the first hobby design for a Line Following vehicle published in the UK..
Built October 1991.
Size - 6" * 6"
Operational area - 3ft * 3ft.
A Black or White line following vehicle, from Everyday Electronics, June 1975.
Uses two LDR photosensors, a 741 Operational Amplifier circuit, two relays and two motors.
White or Black line following is selectable by swapping over the Wander Plugs.

WiLF was built using parts that were in my bits box in 1975 which is the date of the original article.

The article shows a plywood chassis with the parts covered by a plastic box, I made a plywood chassis and omitted the plastic box cover.


Magazine: Everyday Electronics June 1975

My drawing

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