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2014-03-17 Angle Grinder Attachment for Lathe
I needed to cut some rings from a steel tube for muscle ends. Last time I did that I chucked lengths of tube in the lathe and held an angle grinder by hand. It worked well but I did loose a couple of rings as the cutting disk skidded over the tube and marked it. This time I decided to try out a holder for an angle grinder which turns it into a chop saw, I bought it last year from Lidl for about 15. I was surprised when I assembled it, it was actually very good. My friend Jim Whiting made an attachment to hold an angle grinder on the cross-slide of his lathe and I had thought about making one then I wondered could the Aldi one be adapted? It turned out it was so simple.

I made a block of 3/4" MDF and attached it to the cross slide with four M6 cap-head screws into two long T-nuts and fixed the body of the Aldi attachment onto the MDF with two M6 cap-head screws into two M6 wood-nuts.

Yes you are right, in the photos the attachment is not held on by M6 cap-heads, I ran out. And of course the lathe will be protected by aluminium kitchen foil.

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