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Welcome to the Home Page of David Buckley.
I have been producing robots and animatronic systems for over a quarter century and building robots for much longer, here are some details about me, some of the projects I have been involved in, and robots I have built. For reports on past robot meetings see
All new robots are of course photographed digitally, but I have a great number of slides and prints of my robots and others at various exhibitions including The First Personal Robot Exposition and Congress held in Albuquerque in 1984 (be part of the beginning) which I have started to scan and put on the site.
Scattered amongst the pages here are some which have to me notable content. Here are the links.
Some of my robots do not yet have pages, please come back.

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    Robots in date order, hover for date, click for more.
    1955, built 1976_Teal  1980_MM1  1981_Quester  1982_M23  1982_Zeaker  1983_Prowler  1983_Modular1  1984_Zeaker2  1984_Zero2  1984_DoubleVision  1985_Teal-II  1986_Beeber  1987_First-Step  1988_Shadow_Biped  1990_Icarus  1964, built 1990_Fred  1965, built 1990_Hexy  1991_Liberator  1991_WiLF  1980, built 1992_Timbug-II  1993_Simplhex  1993_Imperial-Ladies  1994_TinyTim  1995_Groundhogs  1997_Imperial-Drone Nevik  1998_BigFoot  1998_Hugo  1998_Alex  1999_TecArm0  1999_TecArm5  1999_TecArm6  2000_TecFoot  2001_TecBug  2001_Hextor  2002_TecRover  2002 Junior Biped walking robot_Junior  2002 Tom Biped walking robot_Tom  2002_Amblers  2002_Pop  2002_Mom  2002_Joe  2002 -_Aesir  2002_Loki  2002_Freya  2003 Thor_Thor  2003_Kasper  2004-2009_Frea  2009 Strider1_Strider1  2009 JetAmbler_Jet  2011 Bambino_Bambino  2012 Duplhex_Duplhex  2012_TecArm6v2  2013 Bambino-A_Bambino-A  Jet-Laser 2011_Jet-Laser  2014 Bamduino_Bamduino  2014 Baldur_Baldur  Imp 2014_Imp  Shadow Leg v2 2016_S-Leg-v2  Ullr 2019_Ullr  Ajax 2022_Ajax  Libby 2023_Libby 

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