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Animatronic Crofter - the Hootananny Celtic Heritage Centre, Inverness June 2003
In partnership with Gems Display Figures, now Gems Studio.
The figure is of a nineteen fifties Crofter (Scottish farmer) talking about his harsh life and is installed in the Hootananny Celtic Heritage Centre in Inverness.
The skin of the head is silicone which allows for realistic facial movements and long life; and the controller, MP3 player and speakers are inside the body so the figure is self contained needing only a mains power socket. The Crofter speaks in Gaelic which is translated by a Tour Guide prior to an audio visual presentation.
The figure also has a moving arm with which he gestures at the end when he says 'let the ceilidh begin'.

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Animatronic Crofter Video-1
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Script.doc Animatronic Crofter Video-2
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