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Animatronic note-taker - The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust April 2009
In partnership with Gems Studio.

no sound
For The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust,
Midland Railway - Swanwick Junction site
off Coach Road, Golden Valley
DE5 3QW Ripley, Derbyshire.

The Animatronic Note-taker is one of three figures set up in the restored railway Dynamometer-car 45050 recreating a scene from the record breaking run on 16th November 1936 by the steam engine 6201 Princess Elizabeth.

taking notes

The Note-taker has an Animatronic Head which is programmed to look at the dynamometer computer and the note pad while the Animatronic Hand with the pencil moves to simulate writing notes.

Interior of 45050 Test run 66 with 6201 Princess Elizabeth 16 Nov 1936

Left to Right are Reg Ford Sam Allwood and the Note-taker.