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(13 February 2007)

Shadow Robotic-Leg 2005
The leg was made for the Shadow Robot Co. as part of a contract from North Carolina A & T University.
Design and construction by David Buckley - 2005.
The prototype, constructed mainly from mdf, shows the range of movements of the leg.
The actuators are Shadow Air muscles, a development of the McKibben artificial muscle.
The leg was designed to hang from a frame and mimic the movements of a human control leg.
As usual, the weather was against outside photography and room was limited on setup at Shadow, so similar photographs of the final leg were never taken!

  • 2016 - enhancement to enable the leg to walk.

    specified dimensions
    Thigh length 450mm
    Shin length 400mm
    Foot length 240mm
    Toe length  60mm
    specified kinematics
    Joint Range degrees
    Hip 1 -20  +30
    Hip 2 -30  +90
    Knee 0 -120
    Ankle 1 -45  +15
    Ankle 2 -20  +20
    Toe -45    0