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Shadow Robotic-Leg 2005

Shadow Leg Videos
The human sized Robotic-Leg was made for the Shadow Robot Co. as part of a contract from North Carolina A & T University and my understanding is that it was to be used at North Carolina A & T University in a medical research program which would investigate myoelectric control of powered prosthetic legs. The program was to be overseen by Dr. Gary L. Lebby, a Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Leg design and construction by David Buckley - 2005.

  • Specification
Thigh length 450mm
Shin length 400mm
Foot length 240mm
Ankle height  90mm
Toe length  70mm
Joint Range degrees
Hip 1 -35  +35
Hip 2 -30  +90
Knee 0 -120
Ankle 1 -45  +15
Ankle 2 -20  +20
Toe -45    0
  • Actuators - the actuators are Shadow 30mm Air-muscles, a development of the McKibben artificial muscle.
  • Material - white acetal plate.
  • Control System - the leg was fitted with that as used by the Shadow Hand.
    All joints are fitted with potentiometers for positional feedback;
    the air delivery system monitors the pressure in each muscle;
    from these the working loads on the leg can be calculated.
  • Speed - the movement is comparable to normal human walking in a domestic environment.
  • Strength - The leg is capable of supporting a 1Kg payload at the ankle throughout all its movement range.
  • Use - The leg was designed to hang from a frame and mimic the movements of a human control leg.
  • The Prototype, shows the range of movements of the leg.

Photos - The robotic leg in its frame

Construction - the robotic leg under construction