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TecArms by David L Buckley - August 1999
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TecArm5 & TecArm6

Designed by David Buckley the TecArm series are simple robust robot arms powered by servos and controlled by serial commands from a host computer such as a desktop PC or a Basic Stamp. The arms are easily assembled using a small screwdriver, a pair of pliers and wood-glue.

The TecArm6 has six servos, a two-axis wrist and a 200 gram payload parallel-finger gripper that will open to 85 mm. It will easily pick up tennis balls or half empty drink-cans (a full can is just too heavy at full reach).

The TecArm5 has five servos, and a one-axis wrist. Otherwise they are the same.

The newly available GUI PC-software allows total control of the arm from both the mouse or movement-scripts.

The TecArm6 in the photo has been dyed with wood stain just to show what you can do.

The TecArms are available from Milford Instruments.


  Upper Arm    - Shoulder to elbow   =  90 mm
  Fore Arm     - elbow to wrist      = 125 mm
  Hand         - Wrist to fingertips = 100 mm
  Gripper      - opening             =  85 mm

  At 125mm extension          - lift = ~450 g
  At maximum extension ~315mm - lift = ~200 g

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