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Humanoid Robot
Scarlet - by Roger Starnes

Scarlet version-1   1998
No photos exist of Scarlet version-1, however version-1 from the waist down was used to build version-2.

Scarlet version-2   1998 - 1999 - photos below
Scarlet incorporates 4 networked Stamp2s each driving up to 8 servos, employs dynamic balance, stereoscopic ultrasonic sight (though it still benefits from the fully functional blind man's stick), fully articulated hip joints for turning plus lots of other goodies

Scarlet version-3   2001-2004
Roger's paper on Scarlet version 3, presented at the Climbing and Walking Robots conference CLAWAR 2003
Scarlet version-3 technical specification
Scarlet - entry 8 in Android World's Personal Projects - Smaller android projects

Scarlet version-2 photos photos taken 23 February 1999

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