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built June 2004
Quadruped Robot
Dragon - by Roger Starnes

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    The Dragon was built by Roger to see just how few servos were needed for a four legged walking robot.

    It use five servos for walking with a further two servos giving a pan & tilt action to the head.
    As can be seen from the photos each front leg is at either end of a tilting beam driven by a servo and the distance between the feet can be altered by another servo. The rear legs follow the same arangement.
    In the middle of the body is another servo geared down allowing the body to be bent in the middle.

    There are switches built into each foot for contact sensing and the head has two LDRs for eyes. Each LDR is at the focal point of a lense and the tongue is a laser from a laser-pointer. Obstacles can be detected by reading the LDRs with and without the laser on and comparing the values.

    The master controller is a BS2Sx Stamp from Parallax with two Scenix SX28 microcontrollers for all the low level operations.

    Page created 6 December 2004