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David Buckley - 29 July 2021

Archive News

Robotics Grand Challenge - proposal 02Dec2005 for Humanoid robots
Roger Starnes's Robots (last update 21-06-21) Bug and Dragon videos added.

Roger Starnes's Frea

Mechanisms for simple Walking Robots

Robot Hands

  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Servos

    Data Sheets on Personal Computer peripherals
    Spectrum add-ons
  • Camel PIO SP 8 bit I/O for the Spectrum

    History Making mobile robots
    1912 dog, Phillips' dog, Electro, Sparko, Teal, Squee, Icarus, Fred, Hexy, Emma, WiLf, TimbugII, Zeaker, Prowler, Zero2, Shadow-Biped-Walker,Omnivore and many more.
    Other Mobile Robots
  • Hebot II   Turtle - Hobby Electronics November 1982 - Powertran Cybernetics

  • Micromouse - The early years (last update 15-12-04)
  • Amateur Computer Club, First National Conference, On: 'Practical Micro-Robotics', Saturday, 28 November 1981
  • The First Personal Robot Exposition and Congress held in Albuquerque in 1984 (be part of the beginning)
  • 2nd National ACC Micro-robotics Conference, Westminster, April 1984
  • Newsletter of the short lived British Amateur Robotics Group, 1984/5
  • One Day Personal Robotics Seminar, London West Hotel, SW6. Wednesday 3rd July 1985
  • 1st International Robot Olympics, September 1990, Glasgow

    Joe Bosworth's site "The Robot Channel" archived
    Joe Bosworth was the creator of RB5x.
    Quanta archived
    The pages are a compilation of the disparate pages of the original Quanta website archived on the Wayback Machine. - 23 November 2010
    Quanta is a group for those interested in the Sinclair QL computer.
    RoboNova main RoboNova pages
    [Low Voltage Warning Circuit - Hardware and Software improvements - Archive page]

    In a moment of foolishness I purchased a Pino, here is what is inside. All that wire and it still doesn't do much.
    page with bigger (15k) images

    Spykee Micro
    In another moment of foolishness I purchased a Spykee Micro. See the teardown for why you shouldn't buy one.
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